Precision Diesel Projects

Introduction to Precision Diesel Products Ltd.

Precision Diesel (Projects) Limited is a company specialising in a wide range of Heavy Duty Power Generating Equipment predominately utilizing reciprocating internal combustion engines. The management originates from a well established family business with 60 years standing in the power engineering sector brought fully up to date in the computer and digital electronic age of the industry today.

We are widely recognised as a specialist supplier in the field of diesel marine engines and diesel powered generating equipment with occasional installations in the field of gas turbines and steam turbines for power generation purposes utilising many of the world's leading manufacturers such as MAN, Rolls Royce, Allen Diesels and Wartsila.

The company's premises comprise of concrete hard standing covered workshops sited in the rural village of Finningley, North Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. Total workshops and covered storage space is around 10,000 sq. ft, which is fitted with heavy duty overhead travelling cranes and all equipment necessary to conduct business of this nature.

Most enquiries are received via direct recommendation from previous customers and contacts worldwide. When necessary, the company can offer the facility of technical project management to its customers whether it is for a particular individual or a medium/large power station or corporation. Our strength is in our flexibility and personal attention to detail.

Over the years we have promoted very strong links with various engine manufacturers and now collaborate with these major companies on power station and other related projects. These companies include Rolls Royce Diesel Division, Allen Diesels, MAN B & W (U.K. Division) Wartsila and Finning U.K. (Caterpillar franchise). This special relationship allows us to offer new equipment at attractive commercial rates and with advantageous delivery times utilising various fuel types including Light Distillate Fuel Oil (LFO), H.F.O., Crude Oil and Gas along with a range of Bio Oils.

The company staff with over 100 years total service are highly motivated to swiftly respond to our customers' requirements. We regularly give advice to our clients to match the right equipment to any particular project, liaising with all parties to ensure rapid response to solve client's perceived problems. Factory trained engineers are readily available 365 days of the year.

We have in the past supplied and installed various power plants all over the world in most cases training the new operators and then returning to assist in major servicing. We can also arrange for operational staff also if the client does not have suitable staff available which was the case when Newmont Mining in Ghana requested an 8 MWe station to be installed. Due to the lack of suitable manpower we contracted to run the station for a period of over 2 years.